ISSP Platform is a very powerful tool to design a Business Applications. It support development Document oriented WEB applications, Financial Applications, Trading, Manufacturing and so on

ISSP Platform belong to class Real-time DataWarehouse system, which allows users to have a fully functional Document-oriented application with Real-Time multidimensional Data Storage (Cube) functionality without handling sophisticated data transformation services (DTS).

Data transformation services defined with a help of embedded ISSP Platform Editors for each task and provides each documented step have reflected at the Cube in Real-time mode. 

It means, that multidimensional cube data prepared on-line (in background mode as well), while operational transaction have been stored.

Let us go through the main ISSP DWH Framework modules.

Metadata Repository Module

First, we need to define system semantic. Semantic will backbone of our system and will simplify all following design.

This module help us to:

•Define the Terms. For example “Employee”, “Invoice” or “Customer”.

•To establish link between Terms and data stored in the document fields

•To define ISSP Vocabularies (Directories)

•To define Import/Export features to have an ability to communicate with world beyond the system


Metadata repository store the Universe description and allows to establish association between this Universe and Physical world of real Data Storage (Documents and Cubes).

Here the Internal Semantic (Language) definition screen:

 At this screen, one can link document field to terms. Afterward data from these fields will flow under control of these terms.

Operational applications module

With help of Document Designer operational application module provides quick development of complex operational applications. It can be fully functional stand-alone applications or just DWH adaptors, which just transform data from external sources.


Here is the document definition screen of this designer:

It provides:

- Document definition (structure, fields, forms, behavior)

- Access rights (for forms, algorithms, folders)

- Setting of tracking changes options and other.


In Operational Application Module one can easy to define user interface appearance and documents behavior.

Picture shows how the ISSP form designer looks likes:



Document designer has a lot features, which allows to develop complicated and intellectual business logic

Data Warehouse Module

ISSP Platform Data warehouse capable to keep a huge amount of data and operatively to respond for the complex query. With Internal DWH Designer It is so simple to design datawarehouse structure and assign dimensions!


It is possible to organize independent set of cubes and virtual cubes, based on physical cubes as well.

For each cubes mandatory dimensions data can be set. It will guarantee that information will not store without certain data.

ISSP approach is to track all changes in DWH and to have possibility to revoke all changes. To keep system consistency ISSP platform has embedded data locking features


Monitor screen to track Cube changes:

Data Transformation Module

Transformation Designer allows very easy and quick to set complex rules to transform data from Operational Modules (Documents) to Multidimensional DWH Storage. For sure, this process completely controlled by Universe Semantic of Metadata Repository. 

Useful system functions

ISSP Platform has embedded mechanism to provide standard operations:

-        Inventory cost calculation


- Enhanced rate difference calculation:
Query Designer

Query by Example (QBE) designer automatically builds SQL query according to user graphical design. For sure this query automatically implement into query all user rights!


ISSP Query Designer has an option to automatically generates structure, which is VISIBLE for external application such as “arcplan” and other BI tools.