We have experience in quick win development using:

- Microsoft BI stack and reporting services

- ARCPLAN BI software.

- MS Office functionality or C# programming. 

Our solutions for common architecture vary from project to project, but in general they look like on the picture below:

BI and reporting tools, which we used in our projects allow us to develope solutions for our customers for many budgetary options.

For our customers we developed MS Office based BI applications and complex BI applications based on a datawarehouse and multidimensional CUBEs structure. 

Here an example of MS office based analytical report, illustrating employee efficiency:

For quick win development we use arcplan technology. It allows quickly to develop scalable and powerfull web based analytical applications.

and mobile portals: 

Here some examples of architecture of our solutions:

As a datawarehouse platform we generally use MS SQL Service. The final choice of the platform for the BI system, of course,  is made by our customers.

In case customer needs REAL TIME DATAWAREHOUSE to have an immidiate response we use ISSP Datawarehouse platform, which is based on MS SQL as well.

ISSP Datawarehouse platform provides:

Metadata Repository Block: universe semantic description, correspondence with operational application description, directories definition
Data Warehouse Block: DWH structure definition, multidimensional cube description (dimensions and measures), DWH User Rights definition
Operational Application Block: modules and forms definition, behavior definition, access Rights  definition
Reporting Block: query designer block, automatically SQL query generation (query by example), web publication, predefined reports
Data Transformation Services (ETL) Block: import/export features, external BI system interface definition, data transformation process description
•Other System Blocks: predefined system tasks, workflow process definition, access rights control, system administration
To provide an extremely high performance or complexity of procedures we provide .Net development. 
For example to take ECB rates in daily regime from official ECB site and to convert into system dictionary.
Other example of low level programming is BASIC interpretation of Data transformation instructions, which we provide for our customer on request.