With our web oriented reporting and mobile portal functionality we provide global availability.
With our 24 by 7 services you have total BI services for your busines.

We provide a shortcut form flat file reporting to intellectual analysis in 3 steps:


Flat  - Paper and parameters: Flat file reporting provides information just in tables
Intellectual - Diagrams and pictures provide information in compressed form, easy to catch.
Global - Global accessibility of reporting: a must for professional BI reporting.
Total - All  important information of your individual choice: always, everywhere, and fast.


STEP 1: From Flat to Intellectual.

STEP 2: From Intellectual to Global


It only looks the same!
If BI reporting in your organization must be available globally – think about a professional BI tool.
Web based BI reporting offers an easier access than table based reporting. No need to transfer data. Just diagrams and pictures!


And  what about MOBILE?

Jumping from global BI to Mobile you catch the essence of information at one glance.
Modern mobile devices as iPhone or Android allow the presentation of information everywhere and at any time.
And intelligent solutions provide the highest level of  security possible also on mobile BI.

With Mobile BI you carry your knowledge on your business in your pocket.


STEP 3: From Glabal to Total

Our customers are a sign for the quality of our services and 24 by 7 support. 

Working with us you will get:

•Quick start: Ready-to-use solution and reports set
•Easy customization: ISSP IT platform consist of designs which allow fast customization and implementation
•Perfect performance: Our solutions provide perfect performance on the “ordinary” computers
•Global support: We provide support whereveryou use our solutions – in EU, RU, KZ, UK or other countries
•Optimal prices: Advanced ISSP IT Platform and optimal resource consumption on the projects provide optimal prices for our services


What can we offer to your business?

QUICK WIN: Technological flexibility and our experienced team allow us to find unique, specific and very effective solutuons aimed at your problem, resulting in fast first output.

OUR APPROACH: Within ISSP Operational, Datawarehouse and Business Intellegence platform we provide flexible and effective solutions for a wide range of problem areas.

Our partners' solutions allow a reliable and advanced approach. 

OUR EXPERIENCE: More then 20 years IT experience in different industries and different countries. We know many country specific features concerning Management, Budgeting and accounting, Business Intelligence, Software Development, IT-Infrastructure development and optimization