Cash Flow Optimisation Portal allows to analyse gaps in cash flow planning. 

It allows multicurrency and multi entyties planning. 

Common architecture of Cash Flow Optimisation Portal shown on the picture below:

Import and entry generation block support data generation and data transformation. One can set entry template to generate such a transactions at the desirable data. It is possible to enter transactions manually or to import it from the file or data interfaces.

In different multidimensional space one can implement various planning model with different limitation. 

Multidimensional analysis block supports multidimensional data analysis with the set of powerfull reports.

Transaction screen. One can see analytical structure of transaction for a DB and CR ends. Transactions in Cash Flow Optimisation Portal included in Business Operations (transactions group). It allows easily to manage huge quantity of transactions in a system. For ordinary projects hundreds of millions of transactions goes each month in a system.


 System can support many chart of accounts in one installation. Each chart of account transactions in any currency can be stored and weighted in number of dedicated currencies named in a CFO system "equivalents".

Currency gap analysis it is possible to provide into transaction currency, but to receive Ballance Sheet or P&L report it is necessary to set equivalent currencies. In each equivalent currency it is possible to get balance sheet, cash flow report, P&L report. 

Cash Flow Optimization BI Portal allows immediately after saving changes to analyze them in comparison with other variants.


Some of them can be identified as a Etalon for calculation optimization quality indicators

So, CFO  supports:

•Multi-scenario optimization
•Multi-currency with automation rate difference calculation
•Multidimensional analysis with advanced mobile interface
•Can be used as a SAAS platform for numbers of company