Clinic tests results is a huge amout of data with highest level of security. 

That's why for this solution we used ISSP DWH Platform, which provides real time DWH features. 

Real time datawarehous allowed users to have a multidimensional cube functionality without complex data transformation procedures. this procedures defined for each operational step in real time mode. 

It's mean, that multidimensional cube data prepared on-line, when operational transactionhave been stored.

more about ISSP DWH platform read here.

On the picture below represented the common solution architecture.

ISSP DWH framework provides operational and multidimansional applications to collect data. 

Arcplan application provides analyse, dashboards and planning user interface functionality.

On the picture below slution architecture represented in business perspective solution.

 Red is secure zone modules, yellow are modules with limited security level and green - open data. As you can see, some aggregated analitycal data is open. 

Solution model represented on the next picture:



Main data exchange protocol based on XML standards.

Data exchange processes managed by dedicated modul of ISSP DWH framework.

ISSP Platform provides guarantee XML and other files exchange. It can be done through Email or MSMQ with archived  and encrypted files.

Data translation provided by data transformation module of ISSP DWH framework.

Transformation examples:

Lymphocyte (Absolute)=Differential – Lymphocytes= Lymphocytes


Metanephrines, plasma= plasma metanephrines


U/L = IU/L; mg/L = mg/L; G/DL = g/dl; mmol/L = mmol/l


mg/dl = 0,001 * g/dl; g/L = 0,1 * g/dl


Schröer = Schroer



Protokol N 10O23 =N 10023 Schroer


Gpt/l: 0 < 3,6 < Leikozyten  < 9,8 < 100


mmol/l: 0 < 135 < Natrium <149 < 1000


As a result solutions has only one internal standard:


Data in DWH segregated by security zones:

To manage high level of security Clinic Tests DWH uses various technical instruments:

•User grouping
•Group rights granting - manage rights for user groups and dedicated users
•Data Segmentation - data in DWH segmented. Access rights for each segment administered separately
•Rows Segmentation - it is possible to menege rights on the row level as well
•Data Filtering - data for reports filtered according access rights on the very low level
•Folders Rights - data represented in reports can be only viewed according access rights for the appropriate folder
•Form Rights - For each report and forms can be administrated additional rights to view and change data
•Period Blocking - allow to lock special data segments from any changes
•System Function Rights - for dedicated system function user rights can be managed as well